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Dangers of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is almost a common picture in Bangladesh and the number of the addict is increasing by leaps and bounds. The black claw of drug has covered many areas of the country. So, drug addiction can be compared to a plague that finishes lives indiscriminately. An irresistible attraction for some no things may be said to be addiction and the materials which cause intoxication in man are called drug. Drug can he taken in two ways, through injection and by smoking. In fact, the impact of pseudo-culture has misled a section of our youth to find relief in the tranquilizing effect of drugs. It is notable that the youth want to get rid of the frustrations resulted especially from the unemployment. Abject poverty, lack of social security, lack of any particular aim—all these are other reasons for frustration among the addict. At first, a man generally takes drugs out of curiosity, then very soon he develops the dangerous habit of taking drugs, In this way, one addicted person creates another one irrespective of male and female. There are no advantages in drug addiction. It has an unmixed disadvantage. Various intricate diseases are the fatal result of drug addiction. It carries the addict to an unreal world of dream. The poisonous reaction of drug damages the brain, impairs the internal function of the body and ultimate In leads the addict to death. Drug addiction must be thwarted to build up a sound nation. Drug dealers must be penalized by enforcing the existing laws melted to addiction and drug users. The guardians must be aware of their children's future. Government should set up more rehab centers to give active service to a greater number of addicts. A countrywide campaign should be undertaken immediately against drug addiction. To get rid of the terrible menace of drug people of all spheres should come forward with the slogan or message, "No drug, no untimely death."

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